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October 31, 2011

The Possum Tax

Filed under: Makes Me Say What? — Elim @ 04:45

There are projected to be 39,520 breast cancer deaths in the US for 2011.

It’s Monday, October 31, 2011 and hand-grinding deer burger is for the birds.

  1. Okay, I tried. I really, really tried to keep my eyes and ears off of any of the 2012 presidential election crap.

    It’s just too early. It’s too early now and it was too early when we started this a *(@$( year ago.

    But, when one (in this case, seemingly ALL) of the candidates are being completely douchy, I gotta pipe up.

    I can’t believe I’m doing this.

    Last week, President Obama announced that he would use ye olde executive order to help give people a break with their student loans.

    Now, he didn’t say he was letting ANYONE off the hook for their debts. That would be idiotic and it’s therefor idiotic to claim that this is his intent.

    All the president’s plan really does is reduce the minimum payment from 15% of adjusted gross income to 10%. Depending on who you believe, this will result in lowering student loan payments by $144 – $220 a month.

    Now here’s where the republican candidates pile aboard the the USS Jackass and start rowing:

    I haven’t been following any of these clowns, so I really don’t know much about them, but from examining this issue, I gotta say that I’m not at all impressed.

    So, this Michelle Bachmann person called it an “abuse of power” and says that it will encourage people to avoid financial responsibility for their loans.

    I’m all for the president using the executive order if it does something necessary that can’t get past this thoroughly dysfunctional Congress. It’s not an “abuse of power.” It’s called getting things done and were I president, I’d be using a lot more to get around the butt-munchers in Congress.

    As to encouraging people to duck their obligation, I guess I’m one of them in that we refinanced our house last year and as a result, lowered our monthly house payments.

    The other candidates are reportedly in consensus, saying that education is a state/local issue and not something that involves the federal government.

    What the hell? Was there some kind of meeting where they asked “What can we say about this to maximize our wrongness on this issue?”

    If I had to pick one and only one issue to focus federal attention on, it would be education.

    If we had more smart people, we’d have fewer poor people. I’m not saying that wealth = smarts or that stupid = poverty, but that’s probably the way to bet. Dumb people generally have more health problems than smart people. There’s more idiots in prison than geniuses. In any case, there’s really no upside to having a nation of dumbasses.

    When a kid graduates from high school in Madison, Wisconsin and can read 4 grades higher than a kid graduating in Madison, Mississippi, then yeah, we got a national problem and it’s something that state and local governments can’t fix.

    It’s a national problem that’s gonna take a national solution. Unfortunately, the only people who can do anything about it are influenced by unions and the overriding desire to get reelected.

    We may be stuck with this load of poles.

    The one I really, really don’t get is this Herman Cain fella. I mean this guy has successfully ran some pretty big companies. Does this guy prefer dumb employees to smart ones? I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a pizza, but would you rather have your pizza made by someone who reads at a 4th grade level?

    Instead of coming out like a bunch of Rush Limbaugh addicts, the candidates SHOULD have taken the tact that “We welcome the President’s decision to see things our way and look forward to further changes in his fundamental thinking.” If the whole presidential race is gonna boil down to “Obama sucks” then I’m voting for this here Furby.

    While I’m not quite ready to give up my Conservative Card, I’m issuing an Official Elim Tevir Hand Salute to the President on this one and 5 Official Elim Tevir Swift Kicks to EACH of the republican candidates.

    Setting the 2012 presidential election noise back to mute.

  2. Attention Occupy Wall Street folks:

    (Particularly the ones in Oakland)

    Look, you people have got some legitimate beefs. You’ve got a right (an argument can be made to call it a responsibility) to protest. I get it.

    What I don’t understand is how going out of your way to get your asses kicked by the cops accomplishes anything.

    The cops serve a vital function and are paid for by your tax dollars and mine. It’s their job to stop you if you’re damaging property that’s not yours, posing a threat to others or otherwise being un-peaceful. Given the choice, do you think a cop would rather be hitting you with a stick or standing around, watching you peacefully assemble to air grievances?

    Having spent some stick time, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it’s no fun for anyone involved. The cops are not gonna just pound you for the hell of it. They’ve only got about a gazillion things they’d rather be doing than beating a pack of hippies.

    Nobody is trying to infringe upon your right to demonstrate. Make your signs, march, stand around, yell your heads off. But when you start breaking stuff and/or hurting people, you’re gonna get the cop’s attention. If you’re breaking MY stuff, I’m gonna want the cops to make you stop. You might think it’s okay to throw a garbage can through a bank’s window, but it’s not and you’re probably gonna get clobbered for it.

    Look at it from my perspective for a minute. I see two protests on the news. In one, I see people behaving peacefully. I read their signs, I listen to anything they have to say. I try to understand their beef.

    In the other, I see tear gas being deployed and people hitting people with sticks. There’s no message for me here. Sure, you probably got more air time than the people being civilized. That’s just the way the media works, but I have no idea what you’re about. I just see an unruly mob being put in its rightful place. It’s static to me.

    So what gives here? Is this part of the plan? Because this OSW thing is looking more and more like some carefully constructed phenomenon than spontaneous, grass roots stuff.

So that’s what’s furrowing my brows this week. Have a great Monday and be sure to tune in tomorrow for Story Time where I’ll reveal the truth behind why we really “can’t” divide by zero.

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